Thalia is a shopkeep that you get from the first village you conquer. After you capture the village, she can be found in the Upgrade center

Tower upgradesEdit

Name Effect Price
Private Quarters work order Has workers restore your private quarters 500
Cleanup work order Cleans up the tower 500
Statue work order Places pretty statues in the tower 500
Grand Throne work order Gives you a nicer throne 500
Repairs work order Repairs the tower 1000


Name Effect Price
Bottled Tears Restore 500 HP 50
Lust Draft Restores 200 MP 300
Antidote Cures poison 30
Eyedrops Cures blindness 30
Bandage Cures bleeding 30
Smelling Salts Revives a character 250
Baby Seal Tears Restores all HP of one character 450


  • Up your ass - On demand scene
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